Quick Tips 106: Things you can't go without knowing.

Quick Tips 101: Things you can't go without knowing. (Volume 6)

Use a long length item to hang wreaths on higher windows or to remove them as well.

Use a basket with Command Hooks to hold drain plugs and sponges.

Use a Q-Tip with vinegar to clean the sills of your windows.

Use a hose reel to store Christmas lights.

Use a stick of Chap Stick on screws to help cut down on friction and to keep them from getting over-heated.

Use a copy paper box to store breakable Christmas ornaments or other valuables.

Paint the underside of your nails red to give the look of the Louboutins Red Sole shoes.

Use brown sugar packed, to make anything out of chocolate.

Use food coloring in your ice cubes to create a fun look for parties, or just everyday fun drinks.

Use an empty tissue box for a bag storage center and keep them contained.

Eco-Tip:  Learning the importance of recycling is a good lesson to know.  Recycling of everyday items will have less impact on the environment over time.  Learn more about recycling HERE.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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