Spark of Loves this Week: Wallet, Pictures, Trooper, Mocha, Candle, Tea, and Chex-Mix

This wallet.

Because it's not only colorful, but very me all the way around.

 These pictures.
Because they were part of a photography class I took about 6 years ago and I still adore them.  They currently hang in my office.

This action figure.
Because my son is obsessed over Star Wars and I think it's fantastic!

 These mocha's.
I am not a fast food frequenter, but the Peppermint Mocha from McDonald's right now has a hold on me that I can't seem to shake.

 This candle.
I just love the smell of it.

 These teas.
Because the Sugar Plum Spice only comes out this time of year, and there's always room in my tummy for Chamomile Tea, but this time of year the Celestial Seasonings brand offers a collectible tin in their tea.  Go get you one!  

Random Photo of the Week:

A free seasoning packet prompted me to prepare my own homemade Chex Party Mix.  It was very tasty!

Eco-Tip:  Compost scraps from your kitchen to create the most amazing soil for your garden and flowerbeds.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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