Spark of Loves this Week: Monkeys, Car, Seeds, Award, Bread, Hipster

Since last week was a busy week my Spark of Loves were put on hold till this week.  But without skipping a beat, we are right back on track.  Enjoy!

These monkeys.

Because no matter how many times I see one, I just crack up laughing.  I even love these slippers too!

This animated image.
Because it just says "love" all around.

These seed packets.

Because I received them from Burt's Bees a year ago during the up-rise of the Colony Collapse Disorder.  What a great cause, I was so pleased to be a part of the solution to helping honey bees when I planted half the packet this past year, and I get to plant the rest of them this coming spring.

This award.

Because I love Examiner and I am pleased to say that the last 4 years with them has been a privilege and I hope I am able to give them 4 more years of my journalistic insight.

These pumpkin muffins and bread.

Because my sick little man helped me bake them and it made him feel a bit better.

Random Photo of the Week:

3-D Glasses are totally hipster!  We love going to see movies in 3-D just so we can add to our hipster 3-D glasses collection we have accumulated, we love them!

P.S.:  The winner of the Christmas Swag Bag Giveaway was Barbara Smalls in Eau Claire, Michigan.  Congratulations Barbara!  And email has been sent to you to claim your prize and add addition information.  Hope you enjoy your Christmas Swag Bag!  :-)

Eco-Tip:  Be sure and insulate your home and check it once a year for wear and tear.  The more you insulate the more you save on energy cost and energy loss.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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