Spark of Loves this Week: Newman, Sign, Cheese, Peace, Falcon, and Board

This Image.

Because it came from LOOK Magazine in 1963 and it just looks so amazing and romantic.  It's an image of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (they were happily married for 50 years.)

These PEACE signs.

Because for once, it would be nice to see more of these instead of ad billboards.  Call it the "hippy" in me coming out.

This Cheese.

Because it's tasty and my kid loves it too!

This Bumper Sticker.

Because I wish it was on my car.  I found it here:

This Millenium Falcon Paper Model.

Because it took Skylar and me three weeks to make it.  Get the pattern HERE.

Random Photo of the Week:

Because it really does help keep me organized with my writing and blogging.

Eco-Tip:  Be sure and reuse sandwich bags when you can.  Even if they can't be reused for food purposes, use them to cover pet food container, paint cans, or even in the car for crayons or wet wipes when traveling. Plastic contributes to approximately 100,000 sea turtles and other marine animals die every year because they either mistake the bags for food or get strangled in them, says Natural Environment.

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