Skylar and his Christmas Concert

Every year Skylar's school (Pioneer) gives a winter concert at the local River Center.  

This year the 3rd graders sang, "I'm getting nuttin' for Christmas,"  "I'm Grateful," and "We Wish you a Merry Christmas."  

The music teacher, Mrs. Parker opened the program with a few of the lower class children, and then started to 3rd grade program off without a hitch.  The classes weren't able to practice their entrance or exists this year because of the snow, so the program was full of little funny bloopers that made it that much better to watch.  (Especially the Kindergartners)   

As the 3rd graders entered the stage, the lights on the stage dimmed and put a damper on my picture-taking. Good thing I put Skylar in a Santa hat so I could find him the crowd of children.  :-)

Skylar is always put on the back row because he is so tall.

Then the stage lights lit up and the kids began to sing.

They did a great job!

The kids came back out, all the grades included, and sang a closing song all together.  It was a great way to end the night.  

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