Reindeer dust for Skylar's 3rd grade class

This year we wanted to spice up Skylar's class Christmas party and put a different twist on the norm of sweets and candy, so we decided to give the Reindeer Dust a try.  They were super fun to make and even more fun to pass out.  The kids LOVED them too!  We even had enough left over to give away to family.  This is definitely a treat we will be repeating in the following years!

Here's what you'll need:

Gooseberry Patch Classic Christmas Recipes Book
Copy Machine (color)
Red, Green, Silver, Gold or any color of your liking) Glitter
Raw Rolled Oats
Little Silver, Gold, Red, etc. Stars
12 4oz. Ball Jars with lids
2 Yards Christmas Material and Ribbon

What you'll need to do:

Combine glitter and oats into a large bowl.

Add the confetti stars and mix together to spread the glitter evenly throughout the mixture.

Remove the lids from the jars and fill with the mixture.

With the included labels, be sure and write that the mixture is not edible.  I did this for Skylar's class just to make sure there wasn't any brave souls that would down glitter.  But for your own kids, you could leave this step off.  

On the back pages of the Gooseberry book is a great Reindeer Dust label with instructions to use.  It is copyright free thanks to Gooseberry Patch and can be used for PERSONAL use only.  I made 36 copies,  24 for his class, and the rest for personal use and to give away to family.

Next, with your 2 yards of Christmas material, measure the area around the lid and cut a square to fit nicely over the lid covering.  Similar to a jelly jar.

Cover the lid.

Then add to the jar. See the glitter in the mixture already?  So fun!

Next, I cut the labels with the reindeer from the pages and folded them accordion-style and wrapped them around the jars with the title facing out.

I shook the jars a little to bring out the glitter throughout the jar.

And secured the label with a piece of tape.

And there you have it!

They were so fun to make and Skylar had a blast talking to his class about them.

Super easy class project to make and the kids love it!  

Skylar's Christmas party was a hoot too. We brought our Reindeer Dust jars from above and a box of fresh oranges for the kids.
The kids, earlier in the day, went to see Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory at the Kuhn Theater in Lebanon, Oregon.  The class had spent a few weeks reading the book and all the classes that did the reading were able to take the field trip.

Skylar's little pals in his class are so fun.  From left to right is:  Tiana, Skylar, Chloe in the "Namaste" pose,which I found amazing!, Conner and Lucas E.  All of these kids are such a joy to be around too!

From left to right is:  Skylar, Tiana, Chloe, Corvien, Conner,  and Hayden.

Skylar and his classroom stocking.  

Skylar's teacher Mrs. K and Tiana given him the bunny ears!  Ha!

And before we took off from the school we had to get a picture with Mr. Nelson, the principal.  He is such a great addition to the school this year and we are so glad to have him.  Pioneer School would not be the same without him.  (Check out his festive tie!  Ha!)

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