Quick Tips 105: Things you can't go without knowing

Quick Tips 101:  Things you can't go without knowing. (Volume 5)

Using the tag of a tea bag to secure the tea bag on the side of your mug while it steeps.

Use the space at the end of your fridge for a small storage closet for cleaning supplies.

Use chalkboard labels in your food pantry.

SourceUse crown-molding upside down as a show rack on your closet walls.  Works great for heels.

Use paper towel and toilet paper rolls as storage for extension cords and electrical plugs around your home.

SourceUse a pants rack for storing your ribbon spools.

SourceUse a white paint pin to decorate found river rocks and use as decor throughout your home.

Use chicken wore in a wood, photo frame to display cards, mail, or even jewelry.

SourceUse a magnet on the back of old forks to help hold business cards, or other cards on your fridge or filing cabinet.

SourceUse a soda, fridge pack to store soups and other canned foods in your cabinet.

Eco-Tip:  Add "Going Green" to this year's New Years Resolution.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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