Christmas Swag Bag (Giveaway) 2012

It's that time of year, the time when I feel I must give away something for Christmas to everyone that reads my blog.  This year is the first one and I am super excited to give away some great goodies to one lucky reader here at South North South.

I will be giving everything you see here away!  

Summer Butterfly Earrings, Red Ball Earrings, "Santa and Me" Picture Frames.....

Perched Owl Necklace, Christmas Swag Tea Towels......

Soaps and Bath Bombs How-To Books.......

Turquoise Rounds Earrings and another "Santa & Me" Picture Frame in red.

A total of 10 items for this year's Christmas Swag Bag Give Away!

The rules are simple.  All you have to do is follow me on Pinterest by clicking one of the images below. (If you don't use Pinterest simply state, "I don't use Pinterest" instead)

Follow Me on Pinterest   

Follow Me on Pinterest

And comment in the comments below that you did follow me on Pinterest and add in your most favorite Christmas memory.  

Your entry should look like this:

The winner will be chosen randomly on December 23rd (FIVE DAYS FROM NOW) and will be notified on or around December 24th.  


Eco-Tip:  Consider mulching your Christmas tree after the holidays are over, or better yet, donate it to a local nursery or garden center.  Call around and see which ones in your area take the trees as a donation and put it to good use after the festivities are over.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.  



  1. Yay, I'm the first one!

    1. I already follow you on Pinterest!

    2. Favorite memory: The year when my brother came back from Iraq and surprised my entire family. It was the BEST Christmas so far!

  2. 1.followed you on pinterest

    2.before I knew there wasn't a santa clause.

  3. 1. Dont use pinterest

    2. I love Christmas morning the best