12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration-Day Three

Another day of the "12 Days of Pinspiration" from South North South.  Day Three!

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Well-Trimmed Ornaments
Prep time 10 minutes 
Level of difficulty: Easy

Metallic trim in various styles arranged in fun designs lends ornaments a playful, tactile quality.


Solid-colored ornaments
Metallic trim of various styles
White craft glue


Decide on a design and cut the trim to the appropriate length.
Add a few dabs of glue to the ornament and gently hold the trim in place for a few seconds as you progress through the design.

Eco-Tip:  Go by train instead of plane when you can.  The amount of carbon emissions from a plane is drastically higher than that of a train.  A train doesn't require as much energy to operate as a plane due to the plane needing to take off and stay in the air.  So when in doubt on which travel need is more green, always opt for the train.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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