12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration-Day Twelve

And now it's the last day of the "12 Days of Pinspiration" from South North South.  I have loved seeing all the cute, clever, and simple Christmas DIYs throughout the last 12 days.  I hope you found some "pinspiration" through these Pinterest finds and if you haven't already, follow the Pinterest 30 days of Pinspiration HERE.



Homemade Hot Cocoa Cones

What you'll need:
Hot Cocoa
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups powdered instant milk

3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 Tbsp cinnamon (optional)
Mix all together in a large bowl. Will keep for all winter. You use about 3 Tbsp with hot water for yummy hot cocoa.


Put some of the hot chocolate mix in a cone shaped cello bag and then double bag it in another. Then roll the inner bag down and tuck it in. Put all of this in a sturdy mug to hold it up for the kids while they do the next part. The kids add toppings, some had peppermint, some had instant coffee (for the mailman and the bus driver). We used a red gumdrop on the top for the cherry. I think these would be a great favor gift for any winter birthday party. Maybe an activity for the tween sleepover?? You could use sugar snowflakes inside to make them more winter-y or crushed hard blue mint candies. Or make it more "adult" and use candied ginger or dried orange zest.

Eco-Tip:  Be sure this year, after the gifts are opened, and everyone is ready to clean up that you save as many bows and tags, and even wrapping paper as you can so you can recycle it the following year or even throughout the year for other gifts.  The less waste that goes in the garbage the less that will end up in the landfills this holiday season.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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