12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration-Day Seven

Another day of the "12 Days of Pinspiration" from South North South. Day Seven!

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Fluoro Pine Cone Wreath

What you'll need:  

Pine Cones
White Spray Paint
Hot Pink or other bright colored-Spray Paint
Cable Ties (200mm)
Wire Ring


Lay out newspaper on work surface and spray paint each pine cone with white spray paint, then with the pink spray paint.  Allow to dry and attach each pine cone to the wire ring with the cable ties.  One at the top of the pine cone and one around the bottom of the pine cone.  Cut off any excess tie and attach the wreath to a door or wall with the nail or other hook.  

Eco-Tip:  Be sure and wash clothes with a full load or opt for purchasing a washer that allows you to adjust the water level for load.  For smaller loads use the lowest water setting as to not waste water.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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