12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration-Day Six

Another day of the "12 Days of Pinspiration" from South North South. Day Six!

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Bottle Brush Trees

 What to do:
1. Grab a bag of bottle brushes… you know, the ugly green kind that come in packs at the dollar store.

2. Fill your sink with a couple of caps of bleach and toss those guys right in. You will notice the bleach working wonders on the bottles immediately. You can bleach them until they are white or pull them out at different times to get shades of greens.

3. Rinse them and set aside to dry.

4. With wire cutters cut the wire of the brush at least 1-inch below the end of your brushes.

5. Make a pine tree shape out of your brushes by trimming the bristles of the brush to be tapered in the shape of a Christmas tree. Make sure that you cut the bristles at the top much shorter than the rest and leave the bristles longer when you reach the bottom.

6. If you want natural trees you can go ahead and add bases with wine bottle corks (cut to size), with wire from the brush, or by using adding styrofoam or wood circles. If you want some holiday cheer on your tree you can use RIT dye to make your desired color and add flocking and glitter to your hearts desire!

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