12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration-Day One

Lately I have found myself finding more and more inspiration on Pinterest than before.  Some of the Christmas ideas are just heavenly and I wanted to start a segment on my blog called the 12 Days of Christmas Pinspiration.  From today 12/14/2012 till 12/25/2012 it is exactly 12 days, so everyday till Christmas I will post a new Pinspiration that I find amazing.

And if you haven't already, follow the Pinterest 30 days of Pinspiration HERE.


Easy Christmas Wreaths

Turn a few snipping of evergreens from your backyard or Christmas tree into a cheery display. The beauty of these mini wreaths is tied to their simplicity (and tied up with basic, bright red ribbon). To make, cut sprigs of greenery (we used spruce, cedar, and juniper) and hot glue around an embroidery hoop (5-inches to 8-inches around). Repeat to cover the front and back of the rings, and adhere smaller pieces to the inside of the hoops as needed. Loop a length of ribbon or seam binding around each wreath, and hang.

Eco-Tip:  Buy products that will last.  For example opt for solid wood rather than particle board furniture.  Solid wood furniture may be more expensive but it will last you a lifetime over cheaply made particle board products   And to kick it up an even greener notch, buy solid wood furniture made from reclaimed wood.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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