Spooky night makes for great fright!

Skylar went as Max from Where the Wild Things are this year.  And I am pleased to say that I made the entire costume by hand.  My sewing skills are getting a bit better, and I had a blast making this costume.  For Halloween day we hit some of the area merchants during the cities Merchant Trick-or-Treating.  Thank goodness the rain let up long enough for us to stop by a few stores.  After the downtown trick-or-treating, we went by to see a few cousins on Jeff's side of the family.  They were all costumed out and ready to hit the streets.  

We ran into Jeff handing out glow sticks for the Lebanon Fire District.


Some merchants gave out donuts and apple juice, others like Herschel's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlour handed out Pumpkin Spice Ice cream in a mini waffle cone!

The business owners throughout the city were more than excited to see costume-wearing kids come into their shops, stores, and restaurants.  

The cousins were all ready to go trick-or-treating and Skylar couldn't wait to dig into his stash of candy already.
I think he scored pretty good.

After the downtown walk of trick-or-treating, we headed over to the park to be a "Wild Thing."

Once we got back from all the Halloween fun, we prepared our own house with some more spooky additions.  Like our spiders!  

How to make one Spooky Spider you will need:

8 glow necklaces
2 short glow sticks
1 large foam ball
1 small foam ball
Fishing line

*Similar to the ones below*


How to make spooky spider:

Snap the chemicals inside both short glow sticks and shove them into one side of the large ball.  Hold the glow sticks together and stick into the large ball then into the small foam ball.  These will allow the balls to stay together when the spider is hung.    The glow sticks I bought came with a small rubber band attached to one of them so it made it easier to hang, but you can also just tie the fishing line around both of the glow sticks, between the two foam balls, as well.

Once the two short glow sticks are in place, stick the large ball with 4 of the necklace glow sticks on each side for the legs.  Be sure and snap the sticks before pushing them into the ball.  This way the glow sticks will already be glowing with you hang them.  

Tie fishing line around the middle of your spider and hang.  Be sure to snap the sticks before you place them into the foam balls, and make sure you make the spiders 30 minutes before you plan on using them.  Glow sticks do get dimmer as the night goes on, so keep a few extras to replace them throughout the night.  


Our house Halloween night!


 Halloween Moon!

Hope your Halloween was just as fun and spooky as ours!

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