Quick Tips 103: Things you can't go without knowing

Quick Tips:  Things you can't go without knowing.

Use a baby food jar or other small jar to hold paint from a recent paint project.  These extra, little bit of paint can then be used for quick paint touch ups and even to take to the paint store to match the color perfectly.

Fold and store your sheet sets inside one of the pillowcases.  This method cuts down on excess bulky storage in your linen closet, and keeps everything in one place, so all you have to do is grab it and go.

Use funnels for twine, yarn, and baker's twine dispensers in your garden shed, kitchen, or craft room.  These funnels help keep the string coming out at just the right angle and will help prevent knotting and tangling.

Use a tension rod under your sink to hang your cleaning solution bottles on.  Keeping them off the bottom of the floor under your sink helps free up space for other items, like a small basket of potatoes, for instance.  

Use toilet paper rolls to keep wrapping paper on the roll.  The empty toilet paper roll can be cut down one side and fit over the roll instead of tape or a rubber band around the roll. 

Use a rubber band to help grip a stripped screw.  A large, fat rubber band will help hold the screwdriver and will allow the teeth to grab the sides and give some traction.

Use a plastic bread clip to hold onto the end piece of a roll of tape.  When you want to use the tape, simply remove the clip, when done, place back on the tape end once more.

Use large-wide rubber bands on hangers to hang delicate shirts and blouses.  Slip the rubber bands over the ends of the hanger in 1/2-inch distance apart and hang your shirt, skirt, or delicate blouse to prevent slippage.

Keep low-cut v-neck shirts from slipping down too far with Command Adhesive Strips.  They come is a variety of different lengths and sizes and they hold for long periods of time too.

Use unbleached coffee filter at the bottom of planters to prevent soil from falling through the drain hole.  Using unbleached or eco-friendly coffee filters prevents your plants from being exposed to any chemicals.

Eco-Tip:  Use reusable coffee filters when making coffee to reduce the amount of paper waste within your own home or office.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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