Quick Tips 102: Things you can't go without knowing

Quick tips 101:  Things you can't go without knowing.  

Cutting a potting soil bag into triangles and opening it up completely in order to use the soil.  This method is a lot better than dipping into the top of the bag (less mess too!).

Using freehand scroll patterns to decorate a wall.  This would look amazing in an entryway or high ceiling above a staircase.  (Photo credit:  Tip Junkie)

Using egg shells for seed starts.  This is something I just started this past growing season and I will say, they work wonderfully!

Continuing your growing season through the winter with window farming.  
(Photo credit:  Daily Press)
See more ideas for a window farm HERE!

Using an upside down Command Hook on the back of a door to hang a wreath on the other side. 

Using two shower curtains in your bathroom to create a different look altogether.
(Photo Credit:  Pinterest Pinner Cassie Shoemaker)

Using Painter's Tape to help guide you as you caulk a bathtub or shower. 
(Photo Credit:  This Old House)

Wrapping your shoes in a shower cap before packing.  
(Photo Credit:  Pinterest Pinner Ava Kodama)

Using a wooden spoon to prevent boil-overs.  
(Photo Credit:  Little Miss Imperfect)
Or use this pot lid from Sur La Table.

Using a glow stick in a jar of water for a cool lighting effect.  This would be great for walkways during the holidays.
(Photo Credit:  Brandy's Crafts)

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Eco-Tip:  Get involved with your local National Park Society.  Nothing is more green than getting outdoors!  This group of current or retired park rangers and guides will give you a full educational experience on the destination of your choice.  They will give private tours or even group tours for family or groups of any size. To learn more about these tours and get to know the outdoors near your home better visit the National Park Society webpage.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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