Potatoes and Onions on the Grill.....Oh My!

This weekend here in Oregon we fired up the ole' grill and have a night of it outside on Saturday.  Sometimes when we are sitting out under the late evening stars, the ones that just peek through the sky long enough to be admired, we can watch the wind pushing the clouds away and toward the Pacific Ocean.

When we fire up the grill it doesn't take long to throw something together and enjoy our "outside dining room."  This weekend we had a good grill night while the heat took a quick break from us.  We decided to use up a few left-over items laying around the kitchen and fridge and create some Shish Kabobs for dinner.

Since potatoes are in-season this time of year it wasn't hard to find a lot of them to pair nicely with our meats.  We used stew meats that were on sale at the time but, any meat can be used.  Even chicken!  We shoved them onto some bamboo skewers along with onions, and red potatoes.  We even used little pieces of pineapple in between the chunks just for added flavor but, you could use just about anything. Try garlic!

Be sure and soak your bamboo skewers in warm water before layering them with your food.  Soaking the skewers prevents them from splitting and cracking while they heat on the grill or oven.

They seemed to have been better than we expected and grilled up nicely.

We sat inside while the grill was heating up and when it came time to grill we all headed out to enjoy the evening along with a nice cold beer.  It was a good night!  On Sunday we celebrated Skylar's ninth birthday too!

Lots of birthday cards!

Hope your weekend was just as great!

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