Penny Pinching Tips: Buying in Bulk

A great way to save money on certain grocery items is to buy in bulk.  You can find almost anything you use, in dry ingredients, sold in bulk.  Bulk buying not only saves you money, but is also a great stock item for future needs.

Stocking up on dry beans, granola, and oatmeal is a great start into your bulk collection.  Don't forget to rotate and restock as you go through your dry goods.

Storing your bulk finds is pretty simple really.  You could just keep them in the original bags they came in, which I hope are cloth or at least recyclable, or your could store them like I have here.  Some in small Ball® Jars, or find sealable storage containers with airtight lids.  The ones pictured here are from a small mom and pop store local to where I live, but here is something similar.

Most stores carry some sort of bulk items, but the best place to find bulk goods would be in stores such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, or even a bulk warehouse.  If your store doesn't sell bulk dry goods, ask the manager to start carrying certain items you would like to purchase.  Most stores will take your request and consider carrying what you are willing to buy.

For more ideas and planning on how to stock a pantry with dry goods, visit this site HERE!  There are many tips and tricks on saving up for emergencies and other events. 

Eco-Tip:    If you're anything like me, you love to read.  Not just read, but love the concept of a great book in your hands.  But once you finish that book what do you do with it?  If it's a good book you want to keep it around and read it again and again, or share it with a friend, but ones that you are finished with and never want to touch again, pass them along to places that can use them for someone new.  Recycling your old books is a great way to go green.  There are even websites out there that allow you pass your books from one reader to another and keep the cycle going.  A great one to look into is Paperback Swap.  They allow you to trade a book and receive a credit to put toward a new book.  If the idea of swapping your old book to stranger intrigues you, why not leave a book laying on  park, or bus stop bench today and pass along the gift of reading!  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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