Our Garden Currently: Growing slowing down

Now that falls is here our garden is slowing down with growth.  Just the other day I was literally picking maple tree leaves out of the carrot bed.  This time of year, harvest time, is always bittersweet to me.  For one, the last of our summer vegetables are being picked and it will be several months before I get to pull of very ripe tomato off the vine while the sun hits my back.  But I do look forward to getting the beds ready for the winter crops and seeds that will be planted in them.  Our garden still looks rather pretty though, even if it's slowly coming to a close for another year.

Some of our tomato plants have given their last, but others seem to still be going strong.  They will probably continue to give what they can till the first frost hits us here.  We have had quite a crop of tomatoes this year.  


The beans were the show-stealer's this year.  Last year it was the peas and the year before that it was the lettuce.  We had an amazing crop of beans and I now have about 15 bags of beans in the chest freezer, and 20 jars of canned beans.  This winter we will be eating beans till our hearts content.

No one in my house likes radishes, but I grow them anyway just so I can enjoy the blooms that come from them.  Plus, I have learned that living here in Oregon, slugs tend to like radishes as well and head toward them instead of our other crops.

Our yellow squash is slowly dying out.  I love steamed yellow squash with a little butter and salt, so I am sad to say goodbye to them every year.

Our leaf lettuce should still continue to grow for a bit longer.  It did really well and we had tons of salads this summer.


Our watermelons were ravaged by the blue jays this year, but our pumpkins held strong.  We have the one on the bottom currently waiting for us to pick him off the vine and show him off on the front porch here soon.  We are going to monogram our house numbers on him and not carve him this year.  

One lonely cucumber bloom left.  Maybe it will have time to produce a small one before the frost hits.

Our broccoli quickly going to seed.  We are going to plant fresh ones for the fall season.

Red peppers coming along nicely.  I am going to add one pepper to the jar of pickles we are canning this fall.  Just to give them a little KICK.  

My precious Rosemary.  Oh, how I love her!

Carrots in the process of being harvested.

My grandfather's walking stick tree and miniature apple tree.  They will be gracing us with their presence inside the garage soon.  

As my dogs PITA and Baz were running their own show, Skylar was learning how to operate the reel push mower.  He did a rather splendid job too!

Our reel mower came from an estate sale about 3 years ago, and I don't think it's sold anymore, but here is one similar to ours if you are interested in purchasing your own.

Eco-Tip:  Instead of being so hasty to throw out something that is broken, find a way to fix it with either tape, a screw, sanding it, wiring, or just plan turn it into something else.  Finding new uses for broken things can help keep items out of landfills.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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