October is Mind Challenge Month and the Month of the Flexagon

Did you know that October is the month to challenge your mind?  Did you also know that October was the month to honor the Flexagon?

You may of said yes, or you may be like many and say, "What the heck is a Flexagon?"

Photo Credit:  Loki3

Flexagons are mainly flat and made out of paper, strips of paper to be exact.  And what sets a flexagon apart from other flat paper models of shapes is the fact that a flexagon can be folded and turned to reveal more than just a two-sided dimension.  Cool huh?

They are a ton of fun and a great learning tool for kids and adults too!

I hope you aren't completely confused, but remember the old saying?  "MATH IS COOL!?"  Well, honestly it kind of is when you view it in a fun way.

October 21st is a celebration to the flexagon, but more importantly it is the celebration of Martin Gardner's birthday.  (The pioneer to the comeback of the hexaflexagons)

Unfortunately, Martin Gardener passed away last May (2010)at the age of 95, but he didn't leave this world without making a mark on all of us.  His hexaflexagons are still going strong and offer us a great education on shapes and how much we can learn from just a basic form.

Is your mind blown yet?  HA!  I love it!  MATH IS SO FUN!

To read more about Martin Gardner visit the Mathematical Association of America.

Here are ways to celebrate Martin Gardner's Birthday:  

  1. Make hexaflexagons with your kids and place them in peculiar places all through your home.  
  2. Place a hexaflexagon in your child's lunch box with cute messages written on every flex of the shape.
  3. Use hexaflexagons and make bunting to hang.
  4. Draw pictures on all the flexes and do a seek-n-find!
  5. Make a bunch of flexagons and color them all different colors.  Place them in a bowl and put the bowl on your coffee table for a neat and unique conversation piece for all who come over.

Pick up Martin Gardner's newest book HERE!

Eco-Tip:  Instead of throwing out torn or ripped clothing consider repairing the holes and tears into creative patches.  Pinterest is a great application that allows you to find everything you need to live a more organized, healthy, and more green lifestyle.  Here are some of my favorite hole-patch repairs so far. 
Picture #1: Pinned from pinner Alexandra Lehan  
Picture #2:  Pinned from pinner Danielle Bartan  

For this and other tips on living more green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green


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