How to bring a bit of fun to an outlet

I am all about being different when it comes to something neat and clever for the home.  From my pebble stone foot board to my parasol paper lantern, I love all things worth making a conversation piece over.  With  the recent mustache craze of different things, I thought bringing mustaches to everyday items you look at would be just the right addition, especially in a kid's room.

How cute are these?  The black mustache was made with just a simple Sharpie, black marker and the black one was made by coloring in the white part completely and using a white paint pen for the face.

Mine aren't the best, but here are some that are done a bit better, if you're looking for a more professional look to them.

These are too cute.  These mustache outlet-stashes are from a company called Creative Outlets Shop found on Etsy.  They are about $5 per sheet and come in so many fun styles. 

Or you could go with something like this from Slightly Smitten Kitten Designs.

And here's one for a French outlet, ha!  Just in case you happen to be taking a trip to France here soon and want a laugh or two while you're there.  

These mustache outlet covers are super adorable and very unique for sure.  You can go with one that you purchase, or make one for yourself like I did.  You can even do them for light switches and outdoor light covers. The possibilities are really endless and think what you could turn a surge protector into.  

Let's face it, electrical outlets are super emotional, right?
Photo Credit:  Lost at E Minor

Eco-Tip:  Use oxygen or hydrogen-based bleaches instead of the traditional chlorine bleach products currently on the market.  Chlorine bleach is very harmful when released into the environment and can cause breathing complications over time with use.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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