Headed to the 3rd Grade (Skylar)

Skylar hit the 3rd grade this year and he was ready!  This year was a bit different than year before because Skylar was able to actually help get things around and knew exactly what to do to get his supplies, clothes, and other essentials prepared.  In a way it almost made me sad to see him being more and more independent.  So far, Oregon schools have been in session for about a month.  

A few days before school started we went by the school to see who his teacher was for the 3rd grade.


Fresh school supplies.  I always loved the first few weeks of school because my school supplies were always brand new.  

(left) Headed to open house at the school.  (right) Skylar found his name on the list.

Looking for his desk.

Placing all his school supplies in his desk for the start of class the next day.

He loved seeing his name on the desk.  He wanted to start school right then.  Ha!

His teacher, Ms. Kuehlwein was a pleasure to speak with and I can tell this year is going to be a great year for all of us.

Skylar found his name all over the classroom.

Skylar's great uncle Dan Wilkerson was a founder of the area schools and part of the school board before he passed away.  His name can be seen on a plaque throughout the area schools in Linn County.

Checking out the new gym equipment.

We met everyone we needed to met on our passport while at the open house.  

We even got to visit with Mr. Nelson the new school principal for Pioneer School.

First day of 3rd grade.

Skylar was ready to take on the day!

One thing I love is making lunch for my little bean!  He loves the little surprises I put in there too!

The first week of 3rd grade was a great week too!

3rd grade is going to be a great year!


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