Gathering up some gourds at the pumpkin patch

Here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon there is a ton, I mean a TON, of farms to pick from to get pumpkins, gourds, and even corn stalks.  We like to pick a different farm each year to keep the excitement going for all of us.  Every farm offers something just a bit different than the farm before it the previous year.  This year we decided to hit a farm close to home called, Grandpa's.  They offered a lot of different things, but our favorite was the sunflower maze.

Although it was cloudy for a bit and then rained on us for a minute, it soon cleared up and made for a nice pumpkin pickin' time while we were there.  


"We're about to get lost." -Skylar

Another dead end.



Muddy feet.

Eco-Tip:  Buy your fish from companies that do not farm in ways that harm the environment.  Look for sustainably-caught seafood whenever possible.  The Earth and Me Go Green


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