We had quite a weekend: Sunday

After recovering from all the green beans we snapped, and other "events" that took place on Saturday, we celebrated Jeff's 40th birthday on Sunday.  We had a fun time and I think I got too involved on rubbing in the fact that Jeff is 5 years older than me, especially this year.  Because I have five more years before I hit the hill going 40!  Ha!

Skylar, Scottie, Jeff, and Shane.

Cucumbers from our own garden!

My '40' glasses.  I was a bit disappointed to find very little ideas for a 40-year birthday party online.  So I had to come up with clever ways to bring some life to ordinary pieces.  I think these jars were a great addition.  These are just simple Ball® jars with Elmers poster paint on them. 

Poster board with the same paint pen used.

Same here with the black poster board and the white paint pen.  These tombstones are made of drywall, cut with a jig-saw into the shape of a headstone.  They are from my Halloween stash.

I decided there was enough black and white for the party, so I brought some color to the cake.  Jeff loved it!

He was only given what all "old men" need after 40.  Ha!

Skylar and I got Jeff a metal-detector for his birthday.  We feel that every old man should have one.  Ha!

A bag full of everything of 40 count.  40 straws, 40 Jelly Beans, 40 Swedish Fish, 40 Goldfish Crackers, 40 Life Savers Mints, 40 Andes Mints, 40 Lemon Heads, 40 Stickers, and 40 Smiley Faces.  

(Pinterest Credit:  Vicki Bramer via spottedcanary.com

We had a great time and Jeff brought in his 40 years with a laugh and a smile.  Happy Birthday Boodie Tuesday!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!  :-)

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