We had quite a weekend: Saturday

We had quite a weekend this past two days.  We spent Saturday gathering green beans together and picking about 2,000 beans (no joke), and then celebrated Jeff's birthday on Sunday (he turned 40).  Let me tell ya, today is a day of rest for me for sure.  Skylar decided he wanted to stay home from school and you know what, I let him.  I didn't feel like getting up and around, packing a lunch, or even moving from my warm bed when the alarm went off at 6:30 this morning.  One day off isn't all that bad, so here's a recap, in pictures, of what we did.

We started off Saturday by replanting a few plants for the fall, and then picking all the green beans we could possibly pick. 

(The above pictures were taken right before I took a major tumble down the back steps.  I hit my head and slipped my shoulder out of place. :-(  It was/is a bummer).

Our crop of green beans has taken off so fast.  I was actually shocked at how quickly the vines took over the east end of the raised beds.

It almost ended up being a jumbled mess at times, but we trimmed and cut back as we could.  Honestly, I feel like we just couldn't stay ahead of the climb.


PITA wanted to try one after we brought the buckets in.  As you can see below, he quickly changed his mind.

After picking, stringing, snapping, and bagging, we realized we have enough green beans to tide us over for several months.  This is a good thing though!

Green Beans anyone?

Eco-Tip:  Decline the use of a plastic bag whenever possible.  Every year 100 billion plastic bags go into landfills and it takes up to 500 years for one bag to decay while laying there on the earth.  Use a reusable shopping bag for every trip, every time, every purchase.  For this and other green tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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