Spark of Love this Week: White, Wood, Salmon, Line, And Jeep

This author.
Kate White is a master in catching and keeping your attention with her books.  Remember, she's the was editor of Cosmo Magazine and I secretly only read that magazine because she was the editor. *sigh*
I might even add in a "Baily Weggins" series read one month on the SNS Reading List  hmmmmm......

These toys.
Because they're earth-friendly, made of wood, and just so gosh darn adorable!  Get all three from Rosie Hippo.

This video.
Because I think it's interesting that this guy can cook a salmon filet in the dishwasher while washing his dishes.  Have you tried it, or would you try it?  This guy has a website......Oh, and a book too.

This clothesline.
Mainly because I was able to use it for almost all of the summer.  I have clothes on it right now, as a matter of fact.  Sunny, breezy days of Oregon are nature's free clothes drier. :-)

This wheel cover.
Because it made me laugh.

Random Photo of the Week:

Eco-Tip:  Cooking at home can save you loads of money.  Eating out is great for special occasions, but all the time will eventually break the bank.  Try to cook at least 1-2 meals a week at home to start and cook healthy, sustaining meals too.  Once you get into the swing of things, try to shoot for all your meals at home and see just how great you feel, how much gas and wear and tear you save with your car, and how much money you will end up saving in the long run overall.  For this and other tips for going green, visit The Earth and Me Go Green.

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