Spark of Love this Week: Pine, Ginger, Scoop, Camper, Cigarettes, Jeff

This video:
 Because eating a Pine Tree's annoying needles are better than cussing it for covering your car in them.....right?

This ginger plant:

Because I grew it from a root that I bought at the local Safeway here and I am thrilled that it took off as well as it did.  I haven't harvested any of the ginger from it yet, but I will soon.  :-)

This scoop:

Because I made it from a milk jug.  Tutorial to come soon.

This wet bar:

Because there's been times when I am camping, especially with family, that I wish I had a drink.  Ha!

This image:

For all my friends and loved ones that are trying to stop smoking.  YOU CAN DO IT!  

Random Photo of the Week:

Jeff saying goodbye to an old TV set.

Eco-Tip:  Learn CPR.  This may not be a green living tip, but it is a "living tip!"  Not only is this tip valuable in your everyday life, it could save the life of someone else living on planet earth.  It takes only 2 hours to sit through a CPR training course.  Find a CPR course near you and take the class!  Go!  Do it!  For this and other green living tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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