Spark of Love this Week: Mouse-keteers, Bike, Stickers, Oil, and Card.

These mice.

Because I found "The Three Mouse-keteers" in the bottom of an empty dog food bag in our garage.  I didn't have the heart to harm them, so I set them free near the river.  I know, craziness, but I felt good afterward, it was the right thing to do.

This bicycle.
Because for $29, we got a good deal on a transition bicycle for Skylar to learn to use hand brakes.  He will be set to take off on long rides once he masters the concept of the hand brake.  He is doing great with it too!

The back of this car.

Because it just says all the right things.

This olive oil.

Because I got it for under $8 and it's the best olive oil I've ever used.  It's from a company called Nektar

This birthday card.

Even though this card was from a few birthdays ago, it's still my favorite one.  I turned 35 on August 35th and while I was packing away the cards I had received this year, this one caught my eye.  It's from my brother who lives in Arkansas while I am here in Oregon.  This card was the best gift that year when I was so sad that I couldn't spend it with family.  Fortunately, I was able to fly to Arkansas and spend my birthday  with him, and we had a blast!  He is the greatest brother any sister could ever want!  

Random Photo of the Week:

Eco-Tip:  Using baking soda throughout your house is a great way to stay green with your cleaning routine.  Baking soda mixed with water, vinegar, or even essential oils can clean just about anything with a bit of elbow grease with it.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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