Our wonderful Tomatoes!

Well, it's about that time when the close of the tomato growing season comes to an end and boy did we have a great crop this year.  It's amazing how many tomatoes we actually grew and I have had a blast coming up with different ways to add them to certain dishes, or actually just eating them like an apple on some occasions.

Look at all of them!  

If you had a great crop of tomatoes like we did, your house probably looks like ours, canning, drying, cutting, and preserving as much as you can before the colder weather hits.  Besides the dehydrating and canning, here are few more ways to add tomatoes into your daily meals.

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes:

Toss tomatoes and peeled, whole garlic cloves in extra virgin olive oil, just enough to coat them, and roast in the oven at 400°F.  Roast until the cherry tomatoes start to swell and break the skin a bit (15-20 minutes).  Remove from oven and allow to cool some before serving.  Add these on top of angel hair pasta or fettuccine.

Tomato Sandwiches:

Spread toasted potato bread with a butter-mustard (1 tbs. of butter mixed with 1 tbs. of mustard), layer on tomatoes and sprinkle with a dash of sea salt to your liking.

Tomato/Feta Salad:

Toss together romaine lettuce, artichoke hearts (chopped), tomato wedges, fresh lemon juice (to taste), and Feta cheese.  Sprinkle the top of the salad with fresh, chopped chives and serve.

Stuffed Tomatoes:  

Recipe HERE!


Eco-Tip:  Join a reading group.  This may not seem like much of an "eco"-type tip, but reading is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  You did well by reading this tip and this blog to begin with. :-)  Reading is the gift that keeps on giving, and there is no better time than to start now.  If you aren't sure what books to start with, why not start with the monthly selection for the SNORTH Reading List.  


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