Fireman's Fill the Boot Campaign

Jeff is very involved with the goings on at the local fire department here in the city where we live.  His dad (Chester) and his brother (Scott) both have given most of their adult lives to helping combat the fires that have burned throughout the Willamette Valley here in Oregon. And it just seemed right for Jeff to follow suit behind his father and brother.

One of the great things about having someone that's a firefighter in the family and even someone close to you that's a firefighter, you learn the rights and wrongs of what not to do and also the right way to handle certain ways to prevent fires.  We love being a part of the firefighting community and love donating our time and our money to help that cause.

One of the great ways the fire department helps others is with their Fill the Boot Campaign where they raise money for Jerry's Kids.  They line up along the main intersection here in town and carry around fireman's boots for people to place bills and coins in.  We think it's a great campaign and we donate to it every time!

We're proud of you Jeff, keep up the good work at keeping us all safe!

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