Road Trip: Downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas

Chumming around in downtown Hot Springs with Will, Kayla, Skylar-Braden, and John.

Skylar checking out the porch on the Fordyce Bathhouse in Bathhouse Row.

The water in down town Hot Springs is always nice and toasty warm.

We decided to hit a carriage rid around downtown after walking around for a bit.

The old train station in Hot Springs is now the Transportation Depot.

The horse was pretty used to taking people around in downtown and wasn't spooked by the traffic, which was impressive.  His name was "Grady" and he did a fantastic job!

Our carriage driver's name was Matt Miller and he was a hoot!

Bridge Street, “The World’s Shortest Street” (as designated by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in the 1940s)

After the carriage ride and having a few laughs with Matt Miller, we headed over to the Arlington Hotel to have a few drinks before walking back.

Skylar had a lot of fun with the revolving door in the front of the hotel.  The only revolving door he has seen has been at the Portland Airport and it was a large one with lots of people.  This one was neat to him because he could push it without any help.  It scared him at first, but once he made it around it thought it was super cool.

We all had a drink of some sort and then headed back down to bathhouse row.

We passed the Wax Museum, it was closed, but these wax figures of the Bush men were begging to have their picture taken.  Politics aside, they seemed almost life-like.

A wall painting of the old trolleys that used to frequent downtown Hot Springs.  Interesting enough, the mules that pulled this particular trolley were named Mike and Dot.

After downtown Hot Springs we headed back to Will and Kayla's house in Caddo Valley.  Skylar rode with Will and Kayla and once there he was crashed out after about 10 minutes.  Will gave him a shirt to sleep in that read, "Real Men Wear Kilts."  haha!

Will and Kayla have such eye-catching wall art and British items throughout their house, along with Will's massive collection of British and Army figures that Skylar loved playing with.  I couldn't help but snap a few shots of things that caught my eye.

How cool is that?  This British flag replica of Union Jack is actually the top of a storage box in their home.  

The following morning the boys headed over to the local barber shop to get a haircut.  What's funny about the trip was how Will talked Skylar into cutting his hair after growing it out for so long.  It was a nice haircut, but Skylar said the only reason he wanted his haircut was because Uncle Will was getting his.  :-)

The before and after.  Unique Barber was such a great place to get a haircut too!

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