Burgerville and their Earth-Friendly ways

For it's "local, fresh and sustainable" food, Burgerville gets high marks for being a great burger joint.  I am really digging the way they handle their food and the packaging of their food products.  And almost all the food they serve at Burgerville is either local right here in Oregon, or comes from a local area around the Northwest from Idaho, to California and even all the way up into Washington.

Their packaging tells a story of why it's important to support local wildlife, as well as using earth friendly ways to be more sustainable on the planet.

They are locally sourced for their food products that come from local farmers that help in the effort to keep everything functioning on a more eco-friendly level within their own area.

Some of their containers tell a story of animals and the production of their food and containers.  Most of the containers, as you can see, are made from plant-based materials and are biodegradable just the same.

Their food is always fresh and made with the greatest care!

They encourage customers to waste less and use only what they need.
Every food container tells a story of why it's important to recycle, reuse, and reduce the amount of waste that our planet seems everyday.

Food utensils made from plant-based materials make it easier to degrade through the trash once they have been used.

Learn more about Burgerville and the strides they are taking to make their food just a bit better for you and a whole deal better for the planet.  Visit their website here.

Eco-Tip:  Make it a habit to frequent that places and businesses that take pride in recycling and composting. Not all places are equal when it comes to helping do their part for the environment.  For more tips on going green, visit The Earth and Me Go Green.


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