Road Trip: Arkansas Trip: Grant County Museum

While on holiday in Arkansas we visited the Grant County Museum in Sheridan, Arkansas.  It was quite a packed museum full of memorabilia and local history.  The place has just about everything you could possibly want to know, from history, about Grant County.  

The animal display of all the animals native to Grant County.

Indian arrowheads found in and around the state of Arkansas.

This was interesting.  The Saline River in Arkansas is a fresh water river, but contains a mild salt content toward the bottom of the river.  Salt was collected and stored in a kettle similar to the one in this picture.  The salt content is still there, but the collection of the salt has stopped.

Female clothing, milk making urns, and a purse from the 1920s.

An actual covered wagon that was used during the pioneer days.  This covered wagon reminded me of places in Oregon where the history of the Oregon Trail is talked about and on display.  

The Civil War room.  This is the only room that I could really relate to when it comes to history.  My family is really big into Civil War reenacting and I knew quite a lot about the items on display in this room.  I was sad to know that the 9th Arkansas Infantry wasn't represented in this room though.  

John and Skylar.

Skylar had no idea what a tape deck was.  I found it comical that a tape deck was in a museum....ALREADY!  

Posters from the war.  

Skylar loved the fire trucks!

Overall the museum was a great visit and I hated that we were short on time.  It's definitely a place I would like to go back and see again. 

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