Spark of Loves this Week

Life's changes bring about wisdom and experience, but it also brings forth some loves that you can brag about.  Learning new cooking skills, a new baby, or even a new car can bring forth some present loves that are worth sharing.  Here are a few of the things I am loving lately and have to share.

Blue Sky Ginger Ale.  Made with organic, all-natural, REAL ginger.  Love it!  All the Drink Blue sodas are a amazing though, by the way!

Appreciating the little things in life.

Learning to forgive and move past trauma and abuse through yoga training and practice.  It's taken awhile, but I am THERE!  Forgiving someone does not okay their behavior, but it allows you to move on and carry on.  Yoga is a great way to help you cope with the issues that life throws your way.  

Living a more meaningful, eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Trying out new items that are Mother Earth approved.  I'm still on the fence with this one.  :-)

Traveling a lot more.  I hate plane rides, but I am loving the trips!

Giving up Facebook as one of my "necessary" social networks. Sorry Zuckerberg, it is what it is.  

Watching Skylar become an in depth, 'for the love of Star Wars' fan.  I've learned a lot about Star Wars in the journey as well.

Cherry Tomatoes.  I will be so glad when my cherry tomato plants have the little treasures for me soon.

Making the switch to better purchases.  This one is still a work in progress, but every little bit helps.

Shopping and depending more on my local Co-op.  

Smiling.  Instance mood lifter!

This quote.

LC's Crafty Creations Video Series.

Reaching out to understand other cultures and beliefs.  There's a lot to learn out there!  Knowledge is an endless playground.

Falling in love with oatmeal!  Every morning, people!  (Hint:  Blueberries are amazing paired with oatmeal)

Decorating more with the Arkansas Razorback!  Red never looked so good!

What are you loving lately?

Eco-Tip:  Mail-order magazine subscriptions can be costly and waste a lot of paper in the process.  If you're an avid magazine reader consider an e-Reader.  Some brands cost under $150 and provide the same great magazine at your fingertips without all the paper waste.  For more tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.



  1. Thanks! By the way, I am in love with the cherry pie recipe from your site. Here in Oregon we have the Rainier Cherries and think they would be delicious in a pie.