Sassy Water with Mango

There's a lot of blog posts out there right now of every one's version of Sassy Water, so I thought I would bring my own version to the table and add it to the many others being posted.  What you'll need is, coconut water, all natural lemonade, ginger tea, fresh lemons, and fresh mango.

Start with all natural lemonade.  I like to use Newman's Own because of the quality taste.  You want a ratio of equal parts coconut water to equal parts lemonade.

Add slices of real lemon.

Next add chunks of whole mango straight from the fruit.  You could used canned or frozen mango, but fresh is always best.  Follow that with a tea bag of REAL ginger tea.  You can just place the tea bag straight in the lemonade before adding it to your refrigerator.

Place in the refrigerator overnight and enjoy all day the following day.  Ginger is a nice addition because it helps remove toxins.  Mango and lemon add a bit more flavor to the water combination and coconut water will help keep you hydrated all day.

You can also try this sassy water with a sprig of mint, lavender, or even cucumbers added.


Eco-Tip:  Harvesting your own rain water is such a great way to conserve water and cut down on your energy use from outside sources.  To learn how to harvest your own rain water visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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