Recipes: A new Twist on Greek Fruit Parfait

This recipe may seem very simple, but it's oh so yummy and healthy for you.  Greek yogurt has become my new favorite and with added berries and granola, it makes for a very good treat when I am having one of my sweet tooth moments.  Here's what you'll need:   

• 1 cup organic Greek Yogurt
• 1/2 cup fresh organic blueberries (washed)
• 1/2 cup fresh organic strawberries (washed and sliced)
• 1/2 cup granola

Using a deep-set bowl, large-mouth glass, or even a pudding dish, layer ingredients into the bowl starting with the yogurt, then the blueberries, next the strawberries, top with more yogurt and sprinkle with granola.  You can top your parfait with anything from apples to cranberries too!  I've topped mine with a bit of chocolate shavings too!


Eco-Tip:  Carry your own bags to the grocery store and to the market.  Carrying your own bags cuts down on the amount of paper and plastic waste being sent out of the stores, and cuts down on the amount of paper and plastic waste coming into your home, as well.  For more tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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