Queso Dip and Veggie Wraps

I love white Queso dip!  There's this little restaurant in Sheridan, Arkansas called Cotija Mexican Restaurant and they have the best Queso dip in there.  It's almost comparable to Don Juan's Mexican Restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but I prefer Cotija's because I get to go there with John when I am back in Arkansas.  We have this little back bench we sit at and it's very cozy.  Although, it is near the kitchen door where they cook and prepare everything, and I am always prone to look in there just to be nosy.  But it does have it's benefits, I always know when our order is coming out.  Ha!

The Queso dip they serve at both of these Mexican restaurants is almost impossible to duplicate and I have been on a hunt to find something similar for the longest time now.  I have experimented with different cheeses and different seasonings just to find that one-of-a-kind taste, only to come up short handed once again.  But I have found a nice, "tide me over" alternative to their delicious dip.

What's you'll need:

(This recipe was created when I was vegan for 6 years prior to dipping SLOWLY back into eating meats once again)

Make sure the cheese you pick is definitely Mozzarella cheese though, or it won't melt right and it will be a sticky mess later.  

Pair this dip with your favorite chips, or make your own!

You can pair this Queso dip with chips, bread, or even a veggie wrap.

All you need is, a flour or wheat tortilla, cream cheese, herbs and garlic goat cheese (you can get all of these ingredients organic too by the way), black olives, pickles, shredded cheese, and uncured ham.

Start by coating the tortilla with a generous amount of goat cheese and cream cheese. 

Add the black olives, shredded cheese, ham slices and pickles.

Roll up burrito style and tuck one end under to create a pocket to contain all of your goods.

There it is!

Veggie wrap!  You can dip this in the Queso or just eat it along side the Queso by itself.

Look how wonderful these cherry tomatoes look too!


Eco-Tip:  Having beehives is a great way to live off your own land.  Consider keeping one hive before winter hits and see how well you do, then venture out to get more.  For tips on getting starting in the beekeeper business visit the National Honey Board website.  For more tips on living better and homesteading visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.