Our Garden Currently: Growing Potatoes

We are a "sometimes" meat and potatoes-type of family here, so we wanted to give a go at growing the potatoes part of the meal.  Under my kitchen sink has always been a prime growing hole for many things...potatoes, onions, ginger, and I even grew a family of field mice under there once (yeah, I know, gross), but nonetheless it was a great area to start a few potatoes and once they shot out their tentacle eyes we carted them out to the garden and began planting them.

Planting them straight into the ground is the best approach I do believe.  We have tried the planter-type of planting before, but never had good results with it.  The picture below is from last year and we never got any potatoes from it.  I think it was because the roots of the potato couldn't spread in the planter like it can in the ground, but that's just a "amateur" yard gardener's point of view.  

I found a few clever potato goods though in my hunt for the best potato growing items.

After doing some online investigation, we still decided to shove them straight into the composted soil mix and take our chances in the ground.  

Hopefully these little guys will give us brown Russets all the way till fall.  My hopes are high!  

For more ideas on growing potatoes, check out the article at Sproutabl.  It goes into great detail about soil requirements, watering, companion plants, etc. Great way to give you a head start on becoming a potato farmer! 

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