Road Trip: Kickin' it at the County Fair

A few weekends ago we took a drive over to the Linn County Fair here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. We always like to make an appearance every year at the county fair so that we can pretend for a moment that we live in the country.  It helps us forget about the city noise and "issues" for that brief day.  We saw a lot of animals, heard the goat auctions, saw some rabbits and chickens, and even ran into one of Skylar's buddies from school.

They were setting up for the rodeo and Skylar wanted to watch the tractor raking the dirt.  He couldn't remove his lips from the snow cone long enough to get a good shot, but I will say, it was a pretty good snow cone though.  :-)

The black and white cows have always been my favorite.

Skylar's pal from school (Trayvon) showed us his "soft as a cotton ball rabbit" he was showing at the fair.

After seeing the chickens and rabbits, we headed over to the tractor display.  Skylar even found a table showcasing LEGOs and we all got to color a quilt square to add to the blankets for Project Linus.

The LEGO At-At Walker was Skylar's favorite.

Jeff was pretty proud of his firetruck quilt square to add to the blanket.  He even labeled it with the LFD (Lebanon Fire District) where he works.

We found us some Rangers.  

And a cow with pink hooves.

Setting up the stage for Sawyer Brown to preform live later that night.

It was a pretty good day overall.  After the fair we hit the local burger joint here called Burgerville and had us some locally-grown, organic food.  

Rosemary chicken sandwich!  My favorite!

Skylar colored a picture to add to the coloring wall while we were there too.

Then he headed off to his first EVER sleep over at a buddy's (Lucas F.) house.  I have to cut the apron strings eventually, right?  :-(

Eco-Tip:  When making the switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, picture what life was like for Pioneers and the like.  Pick "hand crank" items over electronic ones.  Dipping slowly away from electric dependent items throughout your home is a great way to live a more greener lifestyle.  For more tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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