Food and Plate Art

Playing with your food may be something unheard of at the dinner table in your house but, it's now a thing of the past for Casa de Perrin, which creates beautiful works of "plated food vignettes."

These plates of art food art bring a bit of fun, joy, and excitement to the average dinner plate.  It might even make you rethink the plating of your food each time you sit down to eat.

To see the full spread visit Oh Joy! 

Photo Credit:  Andrea Bricco via Oh Joy!

Eco-Tip:  Picture taking has come a long way since the first camera to grace us with it's presence.  Digital film has become the staple in some households, but film is still used by some.  When it comes to film cameras remember to recycle the film cartridges when it's processed and go with film brands that allow recycling of their own film.  If you aren't sure were to start, give Fuji Film a try.  For more tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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