Zombie Movie Role (Phase 3 zombie attack on each other)

This scene is toward the last part of the movie.  It's a scene where the dead people turn into zombies and start attacking each other in a state of confusion and delirium.  This scene was rather short and only lasted a few takes because of how great everyone did.  

Patiently waiting for his scene entrance.  

Director Scott Smith giving final instructions on what he would like to see from all the zombies, including Skylar.

Skylar is in the gray shirt right in the middle getting his arm "eaten."

               A quick scene for what the background will be in this scene.  Lots of screaming and chaos.

The director yelled cut and then said only a few more takes were needed at this point.

His makeup looked really gross by this point.  He actually looked "undead."

He has the walk down I would say.  

The scene ended and the director is giving instructions on the next location for the scene.  At this point he also called for lunch and everyone was pretty glad.  These poor zombies had been on their feet or on the ground for about 4 hours at this point. 

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