Zombie Movie Role (Phase 2)

LB Productions in Brownsville, Oregon handled the filming. 
Waiting for his scene.

The director Scott Smith positioning Skylar.

Lots of dead people.......

Applying extra blood to make his zombie-like appearance more believable.

Kind of makes me sad seeing him look like that.  :(

Assistant director Debbie Jensen giving final instructions on what they want from the zombies with the megaphone.

The first scene of dead people slowly turning into zombies as they lay on the ground in the movie "Sick-n-Contagious."

News reporter from KVAL out of Eugene, Oregon filming the event.

KVAL news report.

The main characters getting into position.

First scene wrapped up.

He said he was hungry.  I chuckled a little when he said that.  Ha!

No brain, just a sandwich for this little zombie.

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