Zombie Movie Filming (Phase 5-Final Scene)

This scene was the final two scenes for the zombies and the main zombies of the movie.  Here in the first scene the zombies attack a gang of motorcycle riders and then a car full of passengers trying to escape the carnage of the city, but are attacked in the process.

The attack on the biker gang took three or four long shots because of the angle the director was looking for.  

He had the zombies attack several of the bike gang that way he got just the right one for the movie scene.

This scene took a few hours.

The zombies getting more instructions.  Who knew playing a zombie role was so overcritical and precise.  Ha!

A quick glimpse of what the bike gang attack scene looked like from the sidelines.

Skylar in the front of the main scene and waiting for his cue to attack the biker.  The guy said after the scene that someone really bit his back on accident, but he laughed about it so hopefully it didn't hurt him too bad.

Passengers of the car getting attacked.  This scene was gross because they have one girl get out of the car and lay on the ground with stocking filled with fake blood and noodles and the zombies ripped them out of her.  Yak!

The zombies gathered around after the last scene where one of the main characters gets attacked and taken down.  

And she's down and it was a cut and a wrap.

And it's over.  The movie was shot all in one day with some days before and after used for green screen scenes.  

The movie clapboard/scene marker.  The director ended up changing the name of the movie from "Contagious" to "Sick-n-Contagious" later on after the scenes were shot.

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