Zombie Movie Filming (Phase 4 zombies take over city and medical clinic)

This phase of the filming involved the zombies slowly finding their way out of the park and into the city.  Several attacks happen and slowly the make their way into the main part of the city limits and began creating chaos and havoc on the citizens.  

The zombies moving as a herd into the city.

A quick scene of the zombies slowly making their way toward the city to take it over.

Once they get into the city they quickly take over the train yard and attack anyone and anything in their path.

Moving on through the city areas. And slowly make their way onto the other side of the train yard toward the medical clinic where people have gone seeking help.

Director Scott Smith calls cut in order to give instructions of how he wants the zombie pack to migrate toward the clinic and attack fellow citizens of Brownsville.

The main characters waiting for their cue to enter the scene and attempt to open the medical clinic's door.  Only to realize, they are very much locked up.

A poor kid trying to seek help gets attacked and eaten alive.

The main characters can not help him at this point and they move on.

The zombies spot them and begin giving chase.  

And the scene is ended and cut. 

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