Yard Sale Finds: Ricer and Craft Wheel

Score another one for me when it comes to finding cool, forgotten kitchen items.  I got these two items at a discount store here in the county where I live.  The ricer was $15 and the craft wheel was $5....$5!  Can you believe that?

The craft wheel, after a good soapy bath, would make a great homemade raviolis pin or even sugar cookie dough flatten-er.  I even thought about using it for the top of a pie crust.

Can't wait to use the ricer/mill on my homemade rosemary mashed potatoes.

Two great finds and they are going to be put to great use in my kitchen here real soon.  You might want to keep your eye out for these two in future blog posts.  

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Eco-Tip:  Homemade food tastes 10 times better than anything store bought or purchased from a fast food restaurant.  When it comes to preparing foods at home however, always make sure you are buying quality over quantity. To learn more tips visit The Earth and Me Go Green.


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