We spent our day of the 4th with a BANG!

The 4th of July here in Oregon either brings one of two things, rain or heat, and this year we got the heat!  It made for a nice time outside though.  The sun on your back and a cool wind blowing through.  We did our normal yearly routine, bought the fireworks and had fun lighting off the small items during the day.  The town has a "Star Spangled Celebration" at the same location as the Strawberry Festival just without the rides.  The vendors are always there and food made by the fire department and other groups, but we always head out to the other side of the lake and watch from there.  Mainly to avoid the crowds of people that gather to watch the fireworks show the city puts on.

We let Skylar pick out a few random fireworks this year.  This is actually the first year he knew what some of the words meant and knew which ones go BOOM and which ones go SNOOZE,  Ha!

Our firework goodies!


Smoke Bombs are always a hit at our house.  We all like the pretty colors and they are fun for Sky to light and they don't go BOOM in his ears when he helps light them!

Baz wore his festive 4th of July t-shirt too!  :)
(He didn't care for the fireworks though)

The Chinese Dragon was sort of a neat little, small firework.  It sparked and rolled around for about 5 minutes. It even blew sparks out of its mouth.

Skylar even made his own firework to light off during the day.  It was so cute how he took a toilet paper roll and stuffed it with paper and even wrote on it, "Skylar's Firework Company."

Skylar using the hand protection we made.  These sparklers weren't that bad about popping back in your face though.

And what kind of Fourth of July would it be without "POP-ITS!" :)

Hope your day of the 4th was just as fun and banging as ours was!
View more photos of this day HERE!

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