Time to Clean the Oven

Every 3 months I like to rip my oven from the wall and give it a good talking to.  Well, more like a good cleaning, but this cleaning time was a bit more tedious than it had been before.

I have been traveling a lot lately and 3 months for the oven cleaning just didn't fit into my schedule this past 9 months, so it had been awhile since I gave the ole' oven a good cleaning inside, out, and underneath.  But, the job did get done this past weekend and it looks a whole lot better.

Behind and underneath the oven was a bit embarrassing.  Not sure how it gets like this, but over the course of 9 months I guess it's possible. 

We vacuumed underneath and behind the oven.

Cleaned the side walls.  This house is pretty old, so any type of cleaner out on the cabinets and the floor has to be nonabrasive so it doesn't "eat" away at the finish.


And the cleaning began!

I CAN NOT stand the smell of oven cleaner nor do I allow such horrible cleaners into my home, so we used J.R. Watkins All Purpose Cleaner for the entire oven (inside and out), but there are many other cleaners on the market that can give you just the same amount of cleaning power without the harsh chemicals.

I made the boys get in and help me too!

The Magic Eraser works wonders on all things sloppy with the oven.

Even the vent on the back was dirty.  *hangs head in shame*

When we were all finished........

.....We stood back and were pleased.  Now it's time to go out and look for a new oven.  :-)


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  1. WHat a great post, I can't stand oven cleaner either. Thanks for sharing these tips, you oven looks great!