The benefits of joining a local Co-op in your area

For many years I would shop at the local co-op here (First Alternative Co-op) in the Northwest Willamette Valley and every time, at the check out, the cashier would ask if I was a member or had a member card.  For many years I would say, "No, I'm not over here much so it doesn't seem worth it."

But I was shopping at the co-op more than I thought and I WAS, and indeed it did seem worth it to become a member. 

With the food options of all natural, organic, local and even sustainable aside, the co-op in your neighborhood is more than just that.  They work with the community, school and even the co-op owners, which you become, to make the community and the area where you live a better place.

With a cooperative ownership with your local co-op you gain access to what others don't get such as, discounts on your purchases, owner only specials and patronage dividends.  Plus, cooperative businesses are run by the democratic process and everyone gets their vote regardless.  They elect a board leader and vote to determine where the donations will go within their own community and county.  You also get a say so in shaping what your co-op will become or continue to be.

Co-ops are a great way to get started if you or your family has chosen to make the organic and natural switch in your food choices.  The local co-op offers wholesome, organic foods that are packaged in little to no packaging and most are local products, as well from local farmers.  The selection of organic and Eco-friendly body care products and dental hygiene products are also a nice addition.

To learn more about what a Co-op does and how it can benefit you please follow the link here.

To find a local Co-op in your own area, please visit the Coop Directory Listing here.


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