Sweet Sunflowers

I decided this was the year to throw caution to the wind and plant some sunflowers up next to the house.  I started them indoors then transplanted them in the small flower bed along the side of the house.  They were a bit of a problem at first because of the hose that comes through there, but now they are maturing quite nice and I think they will look amazing once they get a bit taller and more stable.  

That side of the house was just boring, so I am hoping these sun worshiping plants make it seem a bit more brighter and bring some summer charm to the boring 'ole side yard.

We have lost a few due to a heavy rain fall we had here recently, but the rest have been doing quite nice.

I will have an updated blog post later on showing their progress.

So cute!  I just love the thought already!

And maybe I will get lucky and have huge sunflowers like years past.  :)

And take note of these quick tips to help Mother Earth.


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