Snails!  They are everywhere here in the Pacific Northwest.  They eat your garden plants, your pretty flower petals, even stick to the side of your windows.  They are a pretty vicious nuisance, but my son loves them.  I have learned to control them in my garden and flowerbeds for the most part, but I still see one from time to time.  Mostly they have been showing up on our porch and you have to do the Tango to avoid stepping on them or hear the wrath and an eight-year-old about how mean it was to crush the poor, innocent, little snail.


So we have decided to mark them.  We started with random colors like purples and greens with markers, but that didn't seem to last long because of all the rain.  We then switched to fingernail polish.  Starting with some reds and even blacks, but it just wasn't bright enough.  So we went with a hit pink and it worked!  I didn't feel too awesome about using the polish have it has stroked the back of a slimy creature, so it got it's only label and is now used to only coat the snails.

And my son is happy!

It's sort of interesting to see all the hot pink snails roaming around now.  And it makes them easier to spot in my garden and flowerbeds too.  We all are happy........for now. :)

Oh, on a side note, these are the same snails that people eat.  (Escargot anyone?)

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